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Poliana Rakovetska, rest complex

Celebration of wedding, festive events, corporate parties, birthdays, complex lunches

Львівська обл., Пустомитівський район, с. Раковець

(097) 210-20-59

"Poliana Rakovetska" is a rest complex situated in the village Rakovets of Pustomyty district in 17 km from Lviv not far from the spring with healing water.

Hotel offers 5 modern stylish rooms:

  • 4 two-seater with the possibility of two additional beds, room costs — 250 hrn
  • 1 two-level "Luxe" room with two double beds, room costs— 550 hrn

Every room has free Wi-Fi, TV, hot and cold water.

Near the rest complex "Poliana Rakovetska" works cosy restaurant with the stylized interior in the ethno style. Here you can warm yourself near the fireplace, watch TV, taste the dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine. House speciality are rakovetskyy sausages, Ukrainian borsch, bohrach, banosh, bigos, potato pancakes baked in the cooker, leaves of bread and dishes from chargrill. There is a big choice of coffee, alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. If you wish you can order live music. The restaurant hall is for 30 persons. This is a beautiful place for conducting of different celebrations, festive events, birthdays and corporate holidays.

In "Poliana Rakovetska" there is a possibility to celebrate weeding outside. On the complex territory there is a wedding tent for 200 persons, dancing pool and live music. An old church is not far from where you can be married. Also the shanty for 50 persons is at your services.

In the rest complex you can fully enjoy yourself with the relaxing effect of healing vat on firewood (fro 4 persons), water of which is enriched with silver; or you can visit with your friends the sauna on firewood (up to 10−12 persons).

There is a parking place for 30 cars on the complex territory.

"Poliana Rakovetska" offers and active rest:

  • there is an pier over the water near the lake with spring water
  • skate in winter
  • walking into forest
  • petanque
  • table tennis.

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