International School of Medical Cosmetology

Courses of medical cosmetology, massage courses, visage courses, attending of workshops

International School of Medical Cosmetology provides services in aesthetic medicine.

Among the list of services are:

  • classical and hardware cosmetology
  • mesotherapy, revitalization, contour plastics of the face and body
  • botulintherapy
  • tredlifting
  • intimate contour plastics
  • blepharoplastics
  • cosmetic dentistry (photo teeth whitening, correction of aesthetic defects of the lower third part of face)
  • permanent makeup
  • professional visage
  • piercing
  • biodepilation, shugaring
  • nails design
  • full body massage
  • anti-cellulite program

Doctor of the International School of Medical Cosmetology Sofia Hritsak — dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, anesthesiologist, certified international trainer on ontour plastics of Q-Med (Sweden), scientific consultant of Aesthetic Medicine Genethia (Rome, Italy), laureate of the X-Ukrainian cosmetologists competition "Pearl of Excellence "member of the Association of preventive and anti-age medicine holds:

  • diagnosis and correction of cosmetic flaws of skin of face and body
  • creating of individual programs for correction of age changes
  • mesotherapy procedures and revitalization
  • face contour plastics
  • intimate contour plastics
  • botulintherapy
  • tredlifting
  • preparing of patients for plastic surgery and rehabilitation after them
  • educational services in "Medical cosmetology" and training on contour plastics and botulintherapy

The International School of Medical Cosmetology undergo trainings (detailed information) in the following areas:

  • "Medical cosmetology"
  • "Massage"
  • "Face massage"
  • "Mesotherapy and revitalization"
  • "Botulinotherapy"
  • "Contour plastics"
  • "Tredlifting"
  • "Professional visage"
  • "Make-up for yourself"
  • "Permanent makeup"
  • "Nails design".