Sabai Thai, Thai massage salon

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Thai massage is a true ritual of the East, the state of harmony, beauty and health. After the first session you will feel a surge of energy, recovering of physical strength and peace of mind.

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In Thai massage salon "Saba Tai" offers all kinds of Thai massage. Procedures are conducted by the experienced masters of the Royal Schools of Massage in Thailand. The cozy interior, soft light, melodious music and light eastern aromas will take you into the wonderful world of bliss and relaxation.

For all services the salon you can buy gift certificates.

Traditional Thai massage (full body massage and head massage)

Will bring your body into a state of balance, gives deep relaxation, intense influx of vitality, while significantly increasing the tone of blood vessels and increasing joint mobility.

Simultaneous massage (massage in 4 hands)

Unique massage session that simultaneously two massagists hold. Their harmonious work will bring balance and harmony in every cell of your body. It facilitates speedy deep relaxation and sound sleep.

Traditional Thai "Foot-Massage"

Foot-massage is Thai foot massage, which can improve the tone of blood vessels, get rid of the accumulated excess liquid and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, relieve muscle tension. The result is absolute relaxation and feeling of inner comfort, normal operation of all agencies.

Antistress Thai Massage

A distinctive feature of this art — the immediate impact on the head, face, neck, shoulders, neck area, arms and back. The tension leaves your body, giving way to a pleasant lightness and freedom.

Energy mix

The combination of traditional Thai body massage and a half-hour foot-massage will return your courage and strength.

Sabai massage

Recipe for "eternal youth" in Thai. This is unique combination of Thai acupressure massage using active and aromatic oils. Acupressure technique activates vitality, improves physical and emotional state.

Slim massage

Technique of performance includes patting that allow you to activate the metabolic processes in the tissues of the body, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The course of the massage can reduce weight, tighten skin, and improve body contours.

The procedure of skin cleaning

Deep cleansing scrub that softens the skin, removes dead cells and various accumulation, increases circulation in the cells and metabolism. The exterior skin is visibly refreshing. Perfect to use before a massage with oils and applying moisturizer.

Massage with herbal bags

Relaxing body massage with deep warming with special Thai herbal bags filled with a mixture of Thai herbs.


Massage with hot stones is a thermo treatment, the effect of which is achieved due to the temperature difference and the energy impact of stones.

Mergers shower (set of two)

Do you have a loved one with whom you are willing to share the most joyous and happiest moment? You appreciate every moment spent together? We give you the opportunity to of common unforgettable vacation. The complex is performed by two experts.

Way of the Samurai (complex for men)

The perfect combination of different techniques of Thai massage that contribute to the strengthening and extension of men's health.

Goddess (complex for women)

Returns: for body — slender and elasticity, for soul — mind and keenness, for person — radiance and youth, for walking — lightness and grandeur.


Mobile Spa

This mobile SPA-salon, which comes directly to you and conduct highly professional, effective and luxurious SPA-procedures in your home, in recreational and sports complexes and even in the office. One call and the SPA-auto with a SPA-master will arrive to you at the appointed time.


Every day, without lunch, from 10:00 to 22:00.