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Yoga Point, yoga studio

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The yoga studio "Yoga Point" is a place created specially to practice yoga. The combination of an ancient science with modern rehabilitation techniques will help you to achieve a new level of efficiency.

"Yoga Point", the first yoga studio in Rivne, invites all those who want to practice yoga, and not just to perform stretching exercises, who take care of their health and value their time, all who are looking for a place to restore their strength in frenetic pace of modern life.

A certified yoga trainers and rehabilitation specialists lead sessions in groups up to 7–9 persons that allows you to master the hatha yoga. The yoga classes for pregnant and in English are also possible.

In order to provide comprehensive and harmonious restoration, the studio offers you a massage room.

You can ask questions and sign up for a class on our website: and by the phone (097) 158-13-48.